Engineering Drawing Class Test 1

Major axis AB & minor axis CD are 100 mm and 70 mm long respectively. Draw half ellipse by arcs of circles Method and another half by Rectangle Method.


Draw an Involute of a circle with diameter 50 mm. String length is equal to the circumference of circle.


Construct a cycloid having a rolling circle of 50 mm diameter. Draw a tangent and normal to the curve at a point 35 mm above the base line.

Construct a scale to measure kilometre, 1/8th of a kilometre and 1/40th of a kilometre, in which 1 km is represented by 3 cm. Mark on this scale a distance of 4.825 km.

The distance between two cities is 150 km. A passenger train covers this distance in 5 hr. Construct a scale to measure the distance covered by the train in a single minute and up to 1 hour. The scale is drawn to 1:2 x105. Show the distance travelled in 38 minutes.

If 1 cm long line on a map represents a real length of 4 m. Calculate the R.F. and draw a vernier scale long enough to measure up to 50 m. Show a distance of 44.5 m on it.


Construct a scale of chords showing 5° divisions and with its aid set-off angles 40°, 55° and 130°.

2MERC3_Test_I_December-2022 Solution

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