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Introduction, Syllabus and List of Instruments The video explains the introduction to Engineering drawing and its classifications and the various instruments used in engineering drawing/graphicshttps://youtu.be/FO39xtWAjoI Types of Lines, Dimension Styles This video is about the types of Lines, Dimension Styles used in engineering drawing.https://youtu.be/OvTOdZHpBfo Lettering(Letter Writing) in Engineering Drawing This video is…


Learn Machine Design & Drawing

Introduction to Engineering Material [Ferrous Metals] In this video Ferrous Materials and their classifications is discussedhttps://youtu.be/sPI2uWbftvw Introduction to Engineering Material [Non Ferrous] In this video, Non-Ferrous materials and their classifications are discussed.https://youtu.be/udzzoU_UgbM Introduction to Engineering Material [Non Metals] In this video Non-Metals and their classifications is discussed.https://youtu.be/PbO8Kh8kYo0 Introduction to Engineering Properties of…


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